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The most commonly used format is of course the MP3 coding format. It is used for digital audio and is composed of lossy data. The MP3 format is also known as MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 Audio Layer III. MP3 is the only format which has an audio player named after.


MP4 is also known as MPEG-4 Part 14. It is a digital multimedia container format and is most commonly used to store video and audio. It can also contain other data such as images and subtitles. It also allows streaming over the internet, just like 3GP.


The Third Generation Partnership Project(3GPP), which is responsible for 3G UMTS multimedia services, defined a multimedia container format named 3GP. This format is created for use on 3G mobile phones but it can also be played on several 2G and 4G mobile phones. The main objective was for usage on mobile phones.


WMV is the video part of the Windows media Framework. It is the abbreviation of Windows Media Video. It is the name of a series of video codes and their coding formats. Just like WMA the WMV format is also developed by Microsoft.


M4A is the format which can only contain audio. It is used in the iTunes store, all files you get from there are in M4A format. It is also possible to compress these files using AAC encoding which is more lossy usually. Apple offers a lossless AAC format.


WMA is the abbreviation for Windows Media Audio. This is a series of audio codecs and their audio coding formats. Obiously this format is developed by Microsoft. It makes part of the Windows Media Framework and consists of four different types of codecs.

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What is a YouTube MP3 converter?

Here we explain what a YouTube MP3 converter can do. On the website you can convert a YouTube video into all possible formats. This is a free YouTube converter. The most commonly known format is, of course, the MP3 format. This format became very popular in 2004 with the advent of MP3 players. Nowadays it is inseparable from today's life. A YouTube MP3 converter makes it possible to download the audio file which is in the YouTube video. The audio is separated from the video by the free YouTube converter and modified into a file format of your choice. MP3 is the most chosen format and most popular but you can also select M4a which is used in iTunes or AAC which is a compressed version of M4a. All formats are in the highest quality possible. Even if you would like to download the whole video it is a possibility. The video formats you can choose of are 3GP, MP4 and Avi. So the YouTube MP3 converter that is offered by Music City is not only a MP3 converter but also a YouTube video converter. You could say it is a universal YouTube converter with the highest quality. When you are looking for the highest quality in music or video downloadable from YouTube, this is the website for you!

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How to get a YouTube MP3 file?

First is explained what the possibilities are which the YouTube MP3 converter is giving you. A better description of this converter would be a YouTube music and video generator but for simplicity it is called a YouTube MP3 converter. It generates the highest quality music or video from YouTube. You can search for YouTube videos by using the search engine option so it is not necessary to have the URL of the YouTube movie. Of course when you already have the URL you can simply copy and paste it in the mentioned bar. Then you have to select a format. The audio formats which are currently available are: MP3, M4a, MP4, AAC, WMA and FLAC. For video, the formats are: MP4, 3GP, Avi and WMV. Just below the YouTube converter you can find a brief description of all the formats that are available. If you have some unanswered questions, please feel free to fill in the contact form.

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So what you have to do in case you want a file in the YouTube MP3 format:

  • Select the source by searching a YouTube video in the search bar or fill in the YouTube URL.
  • Determine what you like. Select the video you would like to download from YouTube.
  • Select the preferred format. When you are not sure, just read the descriptions at the top or ask on the social media page or the contact page below.
  • Formats: MP4, MP3, 3GP, M4a, AAC, Avi, WMV, WMA, FLAC.
  • Click on convert so the YouTube MP3 downloader starts.
  • Prove you are human and fill in your e-mail address (this is completely free).
  • Start downloading your file in the chosen format generated by the YouTube MP3 downloader.

Make a choice between all the options. What is the highest quality?

The converter of Music City offers all possible formats which are commonly used. For audio think of MP3, M4a, WMA, FLAC or AAC. The video options are also unlimited like MP4, WMV, 3GP and avi. If you are missing a format, please leave a message at the contact form. The missing format will be tried to add to the software. There is help to get the YouTube video in the format that you prefer. Music City understands you do not always want to use YouTube MP3 download settings. That is why there are some other extensions as well. Extra is that Music City offers all formats in the highest possible quality. All formats are in CD quality, also known as CDQ. Currently the YouTube downloader makes audio available in 320 kbps. MP3 Music City is the fastest YouTube MP3 converter on the web and it gives you the best quality.

YouTube MP3 downloader

In order to create such a great YouTube MP3 converter Music City came up with the best software engineers. There has been worked days and nights in order to give you the best YouTube music generator on the web. If you want to thank Music City, please share the website on the web. Do not be the only one who knows about the free YouTube MP3 downloader. Share on social media and like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Be aware of the fact Music City only provides this generator for private use only. Do not use this converter on sources where you do not own the rights for!

Do not hesitate to get in contact and also have a look at the FAQ below!

Start generating your YouTube MP3 download and listen to your favorite music!

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FAQ MP3 Music City

How does the YouTube MP3 converter work?

To make use of the YouTube MP3 converter you can copy the URL from your video from YouTube. You could also search for your video on Paste the URL in the bar of the homepage. Select the format of your preference and click on download. Before the download starts, there is an option to change the file name. You can fill in the name of the artist and the title of the song for example. When you are done with the step you click download again. The file is ready for you to download.

Do I need to pay for a YouTube MP3 download?

To convert your YouTube file the service of Music City is completely free.

Is MP3 Music City a service or software?

MP3 Music City is a free online service. To make this software unnecessary, the YouTube MP3 download service is available for you anytime.

Where can I find the URL for a download?

There are two options available. Find the URL from YouTube. Or you can find and download your video from YouTube on the generator on top of the page.

How often can I use the YouTube MP3 downloader?

The MP3 downloader is available as many times as you would like. Take a look at the terms of use for more information.

What if the download does not work?

If the download from your YouTube URL does not work it is recommended to make use of the contact page below. Please provide the URL and preferred format and MP3 Music City will come back to you as soon as possible.

Why do I need to fill in my e-mail address?

MP3 Music City is getting a lot of visitors. Most people are making use of the service for the right purposes. Some are spamming and trying to overload the service. Therefore, Music City is kindly asking for an e-mail submit. Once you have submitted your e-mail address you can download unlimited for 24 hours.

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